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Codemenders was born out of a passion for creating cool, simple cloud services and mobile applications which solve common everyday problems. Too often we find ourselves facing overly complicated, tedious everyday situations wondering why we do not have a simple way of tackling them. Simple ways which also saves our precious time. We, at codemenders decided to bring an end to such complicated situations by introducing you to smart, simple and cool ways of doing things.

In today's world of internet, smartphones and mobile apps, we have put our heads together to start creating neat solutions to solve these issues, bring smiles on your faces and save a little bit of your time, just enough so that you could complete your breakfast before leaving home every morning!

Our Products


Quite often, we find ourself waiting in a queue at a telecom store, bank or post office, twiddling our thumbs and desperately wishing that we could be using this time to pick up some groceries, do the dry cleaning or simply grab a coffee instead! It's simple with qtip.me! Use your smart-phone to secure a place in the queue. Utilize your waiting time exactly as you want to and show up right when it's your turn to be served.

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Long queues and huge waiting times reduce the Customer Service Experience & add an extra layer of management, cost overhead to businesses. In today's world, when we talk about Customer Satisfaction, no compromises can be made. qtip.me is a tool that simplifies your customer's journey for obtaining a minimum wait customer service. It's simple, hassle-free, easy to use and everything runs in the cloud.

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Other products powered by qtip.me


Hungry for food? Order it online in three easy steps. Find all the nearby restaurants, browse their menu and order what you want, online. Get notified when your food is ready to pick-up. Rate your meal and help others choose the best menu.
Made with love in and for Finland, NoutoAteria is a unique and feature rich online food ordering service that is powered by qtip.me engine.

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In Swahili, OrderYangu means, My order. Targetted at the Swahili speaking regions of Africa, OrderYangu is a product customized to meet the demands of the highly growing African Online food market.
OrderYangu is a fork of NoutoAteria and aims to cater to the exciting needs of food ordering eco-system in the African continent. As of today, OrderYangu is expected to be live towards end of Summer 2017.

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The Super Six.

Alexey Andriyashin

Co-founder, Chairman
Strong mathematical background and excellent experience in embedded development

Nimika Keshri

Co-founder, COO
Specialist in mobile application development with rich experience in QA.

Jussi Hurmola

Investor Visionary and Leader. Serial entrepreneur and business developer

Aseem Shakuntal

Co-founder, CEO
Architect with good knowledge of web technologies and network application.

Chandrashekhar Reddy Challagonda

Visionary with excellent experience of sales and Business development

Jan Bechstein

Customer Satisfaction Manager
Visionary with excellent experience of sales and Business development

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