About Us

Not so long ago, "two-soon-to-be" EX-Nokians were standing in a queue with about fifty people ahead of them and more than a hundred behind. Waiting endlessly for their turn, one of them got very hungry and the other one got his first parking ticket. Niether of them could abandon the queue and both kept wondering why there is no app for such a situation?

In fact, almost everyday, we find ourselves facing such overly complicated, tedious situations wondering why we do not have a simple way of tackling them. Both the engineers decided to bring an end to such complicated situations. They built a team and later that week, Codemenders Oy was born with a passion for creating cool, simple cloud services and mobile applications which solve common everyday problems.

In today's world of internet, smartphones and mobile apps, our team has put our heads together to start creating neat solutions to solve these issues, bring smiles on your faces and save a little bit of your time.

Our Products

Qtip.Me / jonoon.fi : hassle free queuing!

Quite often, we find ourself waiting in a queue at a telecom store, bank or post office, twiddling our thumbs and desperately wishing that we could be using this time to pick up some groceries, do the dry cleaning or simply grab a coffee instead. Qtip.Me gives you the freedom to secure your place in a queue remotely; utilize your waiting time exactly as you want to and show up right when it's your turn to be served. In Finland, we operate under the brand-name of JONOON.FI.

Apps available for iOS, Android and Web

Why Qtip.Me or JONOON.FI?

Long queues and huge waiting times are a big turn down for both, the operating business and their customers. In today's world, the customers are smart, connected, well informed and demanding. They want quick access to services and tend to stay with businesses which value their time. Qtip.Me is a smart tool that simplifies your customer's journey for obtaining a minimum wait customer service.

Other products that are powered by Qtip.Me


Made with love in and for Finland, NoutoAteria is a unique and feature rich online food ordering service that uses the Qtip.Me engine. This service is focused on Take-away orders and Table reservations. It was run as pilot during 2015-2016 in Espoo and is expected to Go-Live with full features soon.


In Swahili, OrderYangu means, My order. This product is a fork of NoutoAteria and aims to cater to the highly growing and exciting needs of the African online food market. As of today, we have run successful trials in Nairobi and the product is expected to Go-Live in Kenya and South Africa very soon.

Core team

Alexey Andriyashin

Co-founder, Chairman
Strong mathematical background and excellent experience in embedded development

Aseem Shakuntal

Co-founder, CEO
Architect with good knowledge of web technologies and network applications.

Nimika Keshri

Co-founder, Member of Board
Specialist in mobile application development with rich experience in QA.

Jussi Hurmola

Investor Visionary and Leader. Serial entrepreneur and business developer

Jasmin Ruokolainen

Specialist - Sales & Marketing
Social media enthusiast who knows more South Asian languages than all our of team combined.

Do you like challenges?

Sales, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, DevOps, FullStack...

If any keyword sounds interesting to you, send an email to jobs [at] codemenders.com with your CV, salary request and why we should have your picture featured on our webpage.

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Whether its about business or just having a cup of coffee, we would love to hear from you! Write us an email or reach us on our social media.

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